Should Marijuana remain illegal?

Marijuana, otherwise known as Cannabis, has been used by humans for centuries, its beginnings being in places such as Asia. In most cases it wasn’t used the way it is today, it was often made into and used as herbal remedies. The fibre of the Cannabis plant, often referred to as hemp was used to make textiles in America as the plant was quick and easy to grow and served many used in many different forms. The possession and use of the drug was criminalized in the United Kingdom on 28th September 1928 as an addition to the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920 due to the alleged dangers that it posed on people the smoked it recreationally.

Throughout the history of Cannabis use there has always been an argument between whether ‘weed’ has more pros or cons. Although the arguments highlighting the consequences of the use of Marijuana remain to this day, plus additional ones that have be brought up within the recent years, for example, smoking weed is said to increase the probability of the user developing Schizophrenia and psychosis and can also lead to users slacking in social skills and may lead to pregnancy issues in the future.

However, it has been brought up that many of the studies conducted in order to test the effects of weed are often not conducted well enough and the scale of them isn’t big enough to gather accurate and reliable results. This makes it difficult to establishes whether the information gathered about the drug is completely accurate. This gives more space for people fighting for the legalization of Marijuana to fight their point and show the world it has medical properties that can often be more effective than many types of medication.

Although in many places around the world Marijuana is strictly illegal and highly frowned upon, some places have started loosening their grip and appreciating the medicinal benefits of the drug. Since the 1990s, 28 states in America have changed their laws regarding the medicinal use of Marijuana, making it legal.

Due to the research done regarding the benefits of Marijuana, and just from the accounts given by users of the drug, it has been established that Marijuana is able to ease symptoms of chronic pain, muscle stiffness and Arthritis. It can also be used by women that experience extremely severe menstrual pains in order to get relief. There is also proof that it can ease the intensity of epileptic seizures and other types of seizures. It can also be used for patients with Tourette’s. Weed is fought for in this day and age due to the fact that people now often turn to opioid treatment of pain which is a lot more harmful to their bodies.

It is also proven that Marijuana can fight the negative effects caused by Chemotherapy in cancer patients. It can ease symptoms such as nausea and vomiting which can be extremely helpful in cases when patients live in constant pain due to the illness. It can help people who don’t have long left in this world to not spend their final weeks in pain.

Marijuana can also help people suffering with sleep related problems and disorders. Due to its calming properties, especially if the Indica strain of Marijuana is used as this type of the drug is more sedating and causes the well known “stoned” effect. It can also help patients suffering with eating disorders, especially ones where the patient lacks appetite, to regulate eating patterns and encourage eating.

For me, the most important benefit of the use of marijuana is its benefits in the field of mental health disorders. Marijuana can be highly effective when dealing with anxiety disorders and panic attacks as it instantly sedates and calms. This can prevent people from harming themselves and others around them. It also works well for people with depression and PTSD as it calms rushing thoughts and often blocks out negative, intrusive thoughts that sufferers of these illnesses often experience.

Although the way the drug is taken in today’s world isn’t ideal, the only way for it be consumed in a safe and purely medicinal way would be to legalize it and make it controlled. In this way people will not smoke more than is recommended for them and will take the drug in a way that will least harm their body. Even though people are fighting for it and thousands of petitions have been made and signed, there has not been much change and it doesn’t seem like something that is likely to happen any time soon.